The Team Players

So what makes us different from every other football site? There's probably a million of them, right? Who is #FIRSTDOWNcom ? 

We are a family. There is only five of us and two of us are making this happen full time. Our Co-Founder is my Dad, Toby Hardy, the head huddle up honcho. He had this vision years ago that this would be a brand name deal. Coming out of commercial real estate, working with Ray Crock in the 70's and building huge lifestyle shopping centers, then somehow as a hobby, entering the domainer world. It was his idea of retiring.

As his youngest daughter, I have some how used my skills with website development and social media to create this homegrown, organic football website along with his goal and dreams to make it happen. We believe in the process and know that the end result is creative and unique. 

That's it. That's what we do. That's how we are different. We work together as a family to make stuff happen. Not many can say that. Making the impossible possible. 

We have struggled through many rollercoasters of life together just like in the game of football from season to season. We have won championships, we have been sacked, tackled, cheered on, taking on the roles as the coaches, as the players... and we see the quality of a dominating brand name as 

The opportunity is there and we know it. The time is now, the choice is yours. Do you want to get in the game, or be stuck on the sidelines? 

Scouting and draft season is open and we are looking for our MVPs to take this to the next level.

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